Simple and stylish Table Setting Ideas

Have you ever looked at a beautiful Pinterest post of a table setting sighed and clicked away thinking that you could never create something so gorgeous!.... Well then this is the blog post for you!  Simple,creative and easy tips on how to create beautiful table settings on a skinny budget! 

Table-Setting ideas

How to create a soft and pretty table-scape using ice-cream cones! 

Yes you heard right!...waffle cones are not only for holding your favourite scoop.  Fill them with berries or even flowers from your garden.  I used champagne flutes to prop them up but you can use water glasses with berries in the bottom which is equally as effective! 


1. Fairy lights create a magical and dreamy ambient lighting.  I found these battery operated ones at K Mart for a few dollars. Trail them along your table for maximum effect.  

2. There are no rules! Mix and match your napery it all works.  My favourite thing to do is to scour second hand shops like Vinnies or Salvos to find glassware and napkins. Tie with pretty napkin rings or even twine or ribbon.

3. Grouping your centrepieces down the middle of the table keeps things interesting.  Use your cutlery, crockery and glassware as part of your decor elements. 

Fairy lights add charm and ambiance to any dinner party. 

Fairy lights add charm and ambiance to any dinner party. 

Go green...use your garden to add a dash of vibrancy to your table-scape

Using greenery or anything you can get our hands on from your gardens is an inexpensive and effective way to create a centrepieces that 'wows' your guests.  For this table-scape I picked leaves from my lemon tree and used oranges to offset the greenery.  Lemons would also be another element you could add even a lemon cut in half and some left whole would be the pop of colour you need.


1. Small dishes are your friends!... we all have small dishes and if you don't get your hands on them from local dollar stores.  Fill them with nuts or olives and scatter along your tables.  Guests love a nibble and this is the perfect way to add some fun to your table.

2. Plates are not meant to be perfect!... Be like the French and mix up your plate game!  Mix your patterns and colours so each person has a plate different to the next.  Tie it all together with one dominant colour in your glassware.

3. Tablecloths... even if you don't have a perfectly fitted tablecloth use kitchen towels to create a  runner down the centre of you table.  A soft and pliable fabric works best.  You could even use butchers paper, hessian or tissue paper.

Table-scape Ideas

Luxe table-scape on a dime budget! Would you believe this table setting costs under $20!

Yes you can create a beautiful table setting like this with a little bit of imagination. Everything in this image I found at my local Vinnies stores aside from the tulips.


1. Use your salad or food dishes as decorations.  A simply presented salad in a pretty bowl can become part of your centrepiece.  Add a small jar of olive oil and another with balsamic vinegar another simple way to add style to your table setting.

2. White on white... I used two types of contrasting textured fabrics on my table some dotted net (found at spotlight stores) and some vintage placemats  I found at Vinnies (8 in a set for $5) layers of fabrics look lux and opulent. 

3. Use what you have at home, with the extra placemats I tied them around my cutlery to create a stylish way of a more formal place setting. Add a drop of mint into an already poured water glass.  Cut up some french loaf and a smidge of butter placed on the side plate, your guests will love the simple attention to detail. 

Table Setting Trends
Tie your napkins with twine, herbs and pretty flowers. Personalise each one with a name tag. Chalk board name tags from Hot Dollar or craft stores.

Tie your napkins with twine, herbs and pretty flowers. Personalise each one with a name tag. Chalk board name tags from Hot Dollar or craft stores.

DIY Flower arrangments make any table-setting impressive!

Design your own setting by pairing flowers with fruit.  Fill tea cups for a dainty table decoration or even glass jars with single buds if you are restricted to one bunch, A rustic watering can filled with yellow daisy or cut up fruit inside a glass vase to customise your centerpiece.


1. Potted herbs can be decanted into jars and spread across your table. Use herbs on your chopping boards even in bunches tied with ribbon.

2. Tie napkins with a sprig of rosemary and rope.  Use liquid pen to write your guests name on a leaf and tie onto your napkin if you after a more to formalised seating arrangment.

3.Invest in a set of coloured glasses for your dinner parties stores like  K Mart, Target and Freedom have a great selection.

Simple Centrepieces
Fruit Infused water

A simple way to add a special touch to your table settings is by making up a jug of pretty fruit infused water.  Throw in berries, slices of lemon, lime and mint.